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Opioid Addiction in Madison

04/16/14 1:51 PM | A Public Affair
Credit: Department of Family Medicine

Are you aware of the growing issues with opioid addiction in Dane County? Do you know what is being done to counteract them? Check out this addition of APA to find out more!

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Song Release in Honor of Record Store Day

04/18/14 1:06 PM | Bad Sister Heidi
joey sweeny

In anticipation of this Saturday’s Record Store Day festivities coast to coast, here’s the new clip for “Records & Coffee,” one of the signature tunes off of Joey Sweeney‘s Long Hair, a co-release between BITBY (Heyward Howkins, Oh! Pears) and La Société Expéditionnaire (Lewis & Clarke, Strand of Oaks). And much like the song, it’s an homage to endless Saturdays spent in the company of nothing but, well, records and coffee. (Sweeney’s beagle, Nigel, also makes a cameo, as does trumpet player John Pettit.) Directed by BITBY’s David Kain and Sweeney, the video is a veritable walking tour of Sweeney’s home neighborhood in Philadelphia, from the longstanding Old City Coffee to AKA Music, Philly’s largest indie record store. All along, ….

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Earth Day Conference

04/18/14 1:41 PM | A Public Affair
Earth boy - Africa

Earth Day is coming up! Do you know about the central environmental issues? Listen to this edition of A Public Affair to learn more!

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Looking for ‘A Public Affair’ archives?

04/21/14 4:04 PM | Molly Stentz
girl listening to radio

Have you ever been listening to WORT at noon and thought “dang, I wonder who that is on the air?!” Well, fear not, dear listener. We post the topic of today’s program each and every weekday, complete with a full audio archive and links to our guests.

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