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7:34 am Xio-Dan Zheng and Clara Yang: 'Sonata for Cello and Piano Op 36' 4/14/2014
7:16 am Brian Luce Carrol Mclauglin: 'Sonata No 2 L'Henriette' 4/14/2014
7:08 am Amy Porter, flute, Christopher Harding, piano, Yi-Chun Chen, flute: 'CRYSTAL' 4/14/2014
6:50 am The Blakemore Trio: 'The Journey Without Her' 4/14/2014
6:24 am Manhattan School of Music Theater Stephen Osgood Conductor Dona D Vaughan Stage Director: 'The Vote!' 4/14/2014
6:13 am Manhattan School of Music Theater Stephen Osgood Conductor Dona D Vaughan Stage Director: 'Susan B, They Want You' 4/14/2014
5:55 am Lisa Arkis Joseph Piscitelli Andrew Bolotowski and dominique Soucy, Pamela Sklar, Douglas Kostner: 'Spell 166' 4/14/2014
5:49 am Monica Gerard, Pamela Sklar, Enid Blount Press. Thomas Sefkovic: 'Journey to the Afterlife' 4/14/2014
5:43 am Pamela Sklar, Thomas Sefkovic: 'Styx' 4/14/2014
5:29 am Loretta Goldberg: 'where the river turns like an elbow into dusk' 4/14/2014
5:11 am Jeri Mae G Astolfi, Janyce Collins,: 'the pleasure of being lost' 4/14/2014
7:48 am Stephanie St'Ambrogio: 'Three Tango etudes for solo violin' 4/7/2014
7:34 am Susan Nigro & Mark Lindeblad: 'Introduction, Theme and Variations' 4/7/2014
7:20 am Ruth Dobson Thomas Stanford Harold Gray: 'Six Japanese Songs' 4/7/2014
7:10 am Kimberly Patterson and Patrick Sutton: 'Reflexoes No 6 (1986) mvmt I-III' 4/7/2014
6:53 am David Fedele, Tom Chiu, Makoto Nakura, Thomas Kolor, Beata Moon: 'Safari' 4/7/2014
6:38 am Cleveland Chamber Symphony: 'Consolation' 4/7/2014
6:21 am William Perconti: 'Windhover' 4/7/2014
6:08 am Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi: 'Crystal Springs' 4/7/2014
5:38 am Allison Easter, Dina Emerson, Katie Geissinger & Meredith Monk: 'Three Heavens And Hells' 4/7/2014
5:30 am Nurit Tilles: 'St Petersburg Waltz' 4/7/2014
5:25 am Anne La Berge: 'ROLLIN'' 4/7/2014
5:15 am Pauline Oliveros, Panaiotis: 'A Woman Sees How the World Goes With No Eyes' 4/7/2014
5:09 am Pauline Oliveros, Panaiotis: 'The Fool's Circle' 4/7/2014

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Other Voices
Other Voices
Mondays @ 5:00 am
Heather Gerbyshak
Music from world classical traditions in a wide range of styles and eras and focusing on women composers, performers and conductors.
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