Mel & Floyd

Live Wisconsin Film Festival 2014 Broadcast

04/4/14 3:04 PM | A Public Affair

Mel and Floyd at the live broadcast It’s time for the Wisconsin Film Festival! Check out this live-broadcast to hear from the people that made these wonderful films possible!

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Mel & Floyd Film Fest Live Broadcast

03/28/14 1:40 PM | Kelsey

wff_logo_vertical Coming up Friday, April 4th from 12-2PM: a special 2-hour edition of Mel & Floyd will be broadcasted live from Four Star Video Heaven during the Wisconsin Film Festival!

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Mel & Floyd: West Virgina Drinking Water

01/24/14 2:33 PM | Kelsey

Key Speakers At The Wal-Mart Manufacturing Summit This week on Mel & Floyd: Papal blessing results may vary, studies show recessions make people sick, radio stations are going green with song recycling, 10% of student athletes at North Carolina read below a 3rd grade level, and 3 easy ways to cut your child support payments (if you’re Michael Eisenga). Listen away!

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Mel & Floyd: Velveeta Shortages

01/15/14 2:44 PM | Kelsey

Kraft Foods Warns Of Possible Velveeta Shortage This week on Mel & Floyd: Mr. Smarty Pants had blessing ricocheting off of him in an audience with the Pope, brain-selling entrepreneurs, hypoglycemia and poverty trends, and food stamps spiking worries of creating a cultural dependency on food! Listen up! Tune in Fridays 1-2PM.

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Mel & Floyd: Mercedes for the Holidays

12/14/13 4:29 PM | Kelsey

mercedes This week on Mel and Floyd: Mel and Mr. Smarty Pants celebrate the cold that keeps other people away from Wisconsin and Wisconsinites indoors and away from them and discuss their plans to buy each other a Mercedes Benz for Christmas (since that’s the new standard).

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Mel & Floyd: Kitler & Other Terrible Puns

11/11/13 4:39 PM | Kelsey

kitler This week on Mel & Floyd: Mr. Smarty Pants and Mel start off with their aspirations to learn Klingon and become Spock, with a stunning transition to German politics and cats that look like Hitler – the website also known as Kitler. After all, we all know what the Nazis were thinking when they read the book Maos.

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Mel & Floyd: Halloween

11/5/13 5:31 PM | Mel And Floyd

wombat This week on Mel & Floyd: “Zom-bees” and other to-be-extinct species, Mel’s zombie dreams and a world-wide wine shortage all contribute to the scariest week yet. Also, it’s finally been proven that you are more likely to have a stroke on Mondays.

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Mel & Floyd: The Bedbug Epidemic

10/16/13 4:38 PM | Mel And Floyd

tea party bedbugs This week on Mel & Floyd: the Bacon Crisis, recently published correlations between bedbugs and the Tea Party, how much better the Affordable Care Act is than Obamacare, and the new golden Republican argument of why Obama is basically Adolf Hitler. Or at the very least a “l-i-e-r”.

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Mel & Floyd: Oompa-Loompas Don’t Unionize

10/8/13 4:22 PM | Mel And Floyd

oompa loompa This week on Mel & Floyd: healthcare reform, the bullying of Ted Cruz (or is it the other way around?), Oompa Loompas’ lack of unions and how worker productivity increases during recession. Listen up!

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