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9:20 pm Church of the SubGenius: 'Most tracks' 4/24/2014
9:17 pm The Cramps: 'Can Your Pussy Do the Dog ?' 4/24/2014
9:14 pm Electric Frankenstein: 'Sick As A Dog' 4/24/2014
9:11 pm Killdozer: 'Knuckles The Dog (Who Helps People)' 4/24/2014
9:09 pm El Vez: 'Chihuahua' 4/24/2014
9:05 pm Eels: 'Dog Faced Boy' 4/24/2014
8:59 pm David Bowie: 'Diamond Dogs' 4/24/2014
8:56 pm Primus: 'Too Many Puppies' 4/24/2014
8:53 pm Led Zeppelin: 'BLACK DOG' 4/24/2014
8:50 pm Rufus Thomas: 'The DOG' 4/24/2014
8:47 pm Rufus Thomas: 'Can Your Monkey Do the Dog?' 4/24/2014
8:44 pm Rebellum: 'Who's Loving You Now?' 4/24/2014
8:41 pm Rebellum: 'Young Frankenstank' 4/24/2014
8:38 pm George Clinton: 'Atomic Dog' 4/24/2014
8:35 pm Rufus Thomas: 'Walkin' The Dog' 4/24/2014
8:32 pm Lard: 'I Wanna Be a Drug-Sniffing Dog' 4/24/2014
8:30 pm The Specials: 'DO THE DOG' 4/24/2014
8:27 pm Magnetic Fields: 'Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long' 4/24/2014
8:24 pm Florence and the Machine: 'Dog Days Are Here' 4/24/2014
8:21 pm Johnny Cash: 'Dirty Old Egg Suckin' Dog' 4/24/2014
8:18 pm Victoria Williams: 'The Puppy Song' 4/24/2014
8:15 pm The Who: 'Dogs Parts One and Two' 4/24/2014
8:12 pm Marvin Pontiac: 'I'm A Doggie' 4/24/2014
8:09 pm Van Morrison: 'Hound Dog' 4/24/2014
8:06 pm Tom Waits: 'RAIN DOGS' 4/24/2014
9:32 pm CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS': 'All tracks' 4/17/2014
9:30 pm Black Lips: 'Do the Vibrate' 4/17/2014
9:26 pm Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey: 'Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window' 4/17/2014
9:23 pm Beat Funktion: 'Kareem' 4/17/2014
9:19 pm Toy: 'Left To Wander' 4/17/2014

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Dweezil talks ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA with WORT!

02/15/14 8:15 PM | Sybil Augustine

ZPZ Tour Poster An interview with Dweezil Zappa about “Zappa Plays Zappa”, in Madison on Monday, Feb 17 at 8 pm at the Barrymore Theater.

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A Gringa’s Guide to the Madison World Music Festival!

09/12/13 1:14 PM | Sybil Augustine

Performing Indian symphonic string music Thurs. Sept 19, 5 pm at the Memorial Union Terrace. Susan Kepecs’ “Cultural Oyster” gives an overview of the acts appearing at the Madison World Music Festival this year at the Memorial Union and Willy St. Fair. Read and watch videos of several visiting artists on her blog.

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“Boombox the Wasteland” 2013 Unites Live Radio And Community

08/21/13 1:29 AM | Sybil Augustine

boombox “Boombox the Wasteland”, Madison’s least conventional, DIY- driven, free city festival is now looking for participants, volunteers and sponsors.

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Get ready for a SWEET night!

07/23/13 7:48 PM | Sybil Augustine

sweet Fans of the classic English glam band SWEET, check WORT’s archive for the Wilson Bros. show Tues. 7/30 to hear them & D.J. el Serpentine interview bassist/vocalist Steve Priest, and play some rare tracks from the band! SWEET plays Watertown Riverfest on Thurs. August 8 in a free, all ages show.

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Now’s the time to VOTE WORT!!!

03/27/13 8:06 PM | Sybil Augustine

mamas_logo WORT Radio is up for a MAMA award again this year, and several of our DJs and staff have also made it to the final round in the MAMAs. Check out and see if any of your favorite radio, industry, or musician people are nominated. Online voting is open until May 17th. The MAMAS [Madison Area Music Awards] were created to honor Madison area musicians and supporters and we’re always nominated [and so far, have always won] for Favorite Radio Station. Not only have we made it to the final voting round again, but in addition, a couple of our hosts are still in the running for Local Music Radio Personality: Bill Malone of Back To The Country, and Rockin’ John of I Like It Like That. Also, DJ The Real Jaguar is a nominee for Favorite DJ [for spinning in clubs], and WORT Music Director Sybil Augustine is competing with 3 others to be named Local Music Fan of the Year!!  [I really think Madison's music scene is quite fantastic right now, and I do champion it every chance I get.--Sybil] Also, the CD of protest music that came out last year entitled Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising is up for Best Compilation Album along with some of the individual songs nominated in various categories. If you want to see what the MAMA’s website looks like, check it out at and you can vote now for a mere $5 donation, which goes to support bringing musical instruments into area middle and high schools. Register and vote at through May 17. Thanks SO MUCH for your continued support, WORT fans!!

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SST Records, tonight @ 8 pm PSYCHOACOUSTICS for weekly feature on Indie Record Labels

01/3/13 4:52 PM | Sybil Augustine

Tonight we begin our foray into 2013′s weekly feature: Outstanding Underground Record Labels. First off, for the month of January we’ll hit up the proto-punk of SST Records, featuring the likes of Black Flag, Husker Du, Meat Puppets, Minutemen, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. & of course Madison’s own TAR BABIES. Tune in 8-11 pm to 89.9 FM/HD or, and go to to see the live playlist & chat with your hosts!!!

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Sheaux for November 15, 2012 — in memoriam

09/29/12 12:25 PM | Bad Sister Heidi

placeholder-kitty-vu   Tonight on Psychoacoustics: A somewhat grimmer, more sobering show in honor of/inspired by Paulie & all musicians, sound men, drinkers, law enforcement, music lovers, anyone who’s ever faced a blurry line or had a hard time finding your way home.   Tune in @ 8pm to hear music from the likes of Monovox, Bruce Springsteen, Solid Gold, The Clash, Eric Saade, John Reuben, Lene Lovich, The Who, Don McLean, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, Dead Kennedys, Willie Nelson, Edward Sharpe, Blind Faith, Bobby Fuller Four, & Shotdown.    

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Father Angus returns to the airwaves!

09/11/12 2:55 PM | Sybil Augustine

Former co-host of Psychoacoustics through the 90′s and early ’00s, Father Angus O’Sodom MacGommoragh will be making his annual appearance on WORT the Thursday night before the Willy Street Fair. He’ll be bringing with him the usual assortment of new & underground sounds from the West Coast heavy/psychedelic scene. Tune in Thursday, September 13th from 8-11 pm to have your ears & mind beautifully blown. From Fr. Angus– The following is a list of artists whose work I should have with me next week, with comments: Amon Duul II (venerable German prog) Acid Mothers Temple (‘nuff said; saw them this year) Acid King (awesome SF psych/doom; seeing them on 9/21) Crippled Black Phoenix (post-prog UK band with new release that swept Europe this year; my friend Mark does synths and samples for them) Parson Sound (Swedish drone/psych pioneers from the late 60s that will BLOW YOUR MIND) Guardian Alien (new, deeply weird, ragalike freakout) Carlton Melton (SF instrumental psych, shimmery and heavy; seeing them on 9/29) Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound (SF psych) Doug Hilsinger/Caroleen Beatty (Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy/Eno cover…WORT has this, yes?) Eagle Twin (I’ll have at least a track from their July 2012 release, The Feather Tipped the Serpent’s Scale; sadly, missed their show last month) Earth (does WORT have either of their two newest releases, Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I and/or II? I saw Earth here last year.) Hellbender (psych metal à la Hawkwind, new stuff) Hot Lunch (WORT should have gotten some Hot Lunch materials from their label, Who Can You Trust? I work with their drummer. Killer. I have some of their stuff if worse comes to worst.) Naam (yes, more prog/psych/doom, from Brooklyn…friends of mine, and they’ve sparked lots of phone calls when we’ve played them before; saw them here last year) Randy California (old solo nugget of his) Six Organs of Admittance (does WORT have their latest, Ascent? It’s been sold out at Aquarius and Amoeba when I’ve checked…just released last month. Might see them here on 9/22.) Ufomammut (I have Opus Primum, released April 2012; Opus Alter will be released the day after I return to California, dammit! Saw them here on their first-ever US tour in 2009.) Worm Ouroboros (imagine Galadriel in an all-female symphonic black metal band…beautiful and heavy at the same time; saw them with Wolves in the Throne Room earlier this year.) The Lumerians ( going to be opening for Psychic TV when I see them in December) Some ….

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Today’s Spin

05/22/12 1:40 PM | Sybil Augustine

Musicians of the Cheddar Revolution It was so great to see and/or meet many other community radio DJs, music promoters, label reps and artists at NonCommvention in Philadelphia last week! It’s always revitalizing to connect with like-minded peers and brainstorm solutions to our shared issues, and just to socialize with others with whom we have a lot in common. This year was no exception, plus the highlights of getting to see live radio broadcast performances by Lee Fields, JD McPherson, Willie Nelson and JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound was wonderful. I’ve recommended JC Brooks as a possible headliner for the Willy Street Fair here in Madison this September, and since they’ve only got to jump up here from Chicago, hopefully that’ll work out. It’s no surprise that at #1 on our charts this week is Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising, the Various Artists CD I produced of protest songs from Madison. Check out the page for free downloads, artwork, locations where CDs may be picked up [also free] and more at Most of the artists are from Wisconsin but NYC and Oakland, CA are also represented, as well as contributions from Wayne Kramer of the MC5 and Jon Langford of Mekons, Waco Bros. & more!! Please do take a moment now to listen to this timely, passionate music of many genres inspired by the Wisconsin Uprising, the “original occupation” — with Gov. Walker’s recall scheduled for June 5, the next 2 weeks are crucial for getting the word out, and we’re making a media push on select national levels. After that, who knows — it may become more of an historical document [hopefully] as it has been accepted into the Smithsonian Institutions’ permanent collection!  — or it may of necessity spawn further projects as the battle for America’s hearts and minds continues. Sound dramatic? You bet it is–for many of us, this is the most important struggle of our lives, and for our lives. Thanks so much for any support you can give us; again, see the website at for more info and music, and feel free to contact me with your ideas and feedback. If I’d have been able to play one song from it at the Noncommvention’s Music Roundtable, where we review new indie music, it would’ve been by the German Art Students –”The Power And The Trust” More on what’s being spun on WORT this week: Amadou et Mariam will be here this summer to kick off our festival season in fine style, and they top our World chart ….

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