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11:51 am Dan Tyminski: 'Stuck In the Middle of Nowhere' 4/18/2014
11:43 am Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver: 'How Long Have I Been Waiting' 4/18/2014
11:40 am Big Country Bluegrass: 'I've Waited Too Late' 4/18/2014
11:37 am IIIrd Tyme Out: 'I've Waited As Long As I Can' 4/18/2014
11:33 am Laurel Canyon Ramblers: 'Wait A Minute' 4/18/2014
11:30 am Nashville Bluegrass Band: 'Waitin' for the Hard Times to Go' 4/18/2014
11:27 am Front Range: 'Waiting For the Real Thing' 4/18/2014
11:24 am The Bluegrass Album Band: 'I'm Waiting To Hear You Call Me Darlin'' 4/18/2014
11:22 am Larry Stephenson Band: 'What Am I Waiting For' 4/18/2014
11:19 am Gibson Brothers: 'Another Night of Waiting' 4/18/2014
11:14 am Greg Brown: 'Waiting' 4/18/2014
11:09 am Wild Hare: 'Alabama Rain' 4/18/2014
11:06 am David Parmley: 'Alabama Rain' 4/18/2014
11:03 am Two High String Band: 'Selmerbarn' 4/18/2014
10:59 am Front Porch String Band: 'Hills Of Alabam' 4/18/2014
10:55 am Seldom Scene: 'Alabama Clay' 4/18/2014
10:52 am David Parmley: 'Louisiana Red Dirt Highway' 4/18/2014
10:48 am Dennis Roger Reed: 'Red Clay Road' 4/18/2014
10:45 am Valerie Smith: 'Red Clay Halo' 4/18/2014
10:25 am Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder: 'Wayward to Hayward' 4/18/2014
10:20 am Jeff Autry, Scott Vestal & Wayne Benson: 'Swing 51' 4/18/2014
10:14 am Butch Baldassari: 'Bill's Dream / Boston Boys / Whiskey Before Breakfast' 4/18/2014
10:10 am Richard Greene & the Grass Is Greener: 'Little Rabbit' 4/18/2014
9:59 am Richard Bennett: 'The Last Thing On My Mind (feat. Tony Rice)' 4/18/2014
9:56 am Richard Bennett: 'Stronger Every Day' 4/18/2014
9:52 am Richard Bennett: 'Fields of Gold' 4/18/2014
9:48 am Richard Bennett: 'Bonnie' 4/18/2014
9:45 am Richard Bennett: 'In The Wind Somewhere' 4/18/2014
9:32 am Cache Valley Drifters: 'WHITE ROOM' 4/18/2014
9:30 am Osborne Brothers: 'Hillbilly Fever' 4/18/2014

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Live and Local
Live and Local
Fridays @ 11:00 pm
Jim Goronson, Lucas Prince of Darkness
2nd Friday of the month. Recording of a live performance by a local artist. Best (original) theme song on the entire WORT schedule!
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