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10:41 pm Cold Blood: 'When I'm Kissing My Love' 11/23/2013
10:38 pm Black Hayes Ecpress: 'Won't nobody listen' 11/23/2013
10:33 pm Lisa Stansfield: 'Never, Never Gonna Give You Up' 11/23/2013
10:30 pm Dr John: 'Rite Away' 11/23/2013
10:27 pm Chaka Khan: 'SHINING STAR' 11/23/2013
10:24 pm Soul Company: 'Hump the Bump' 11/23/2013
10:21 pm Jones GirlsWho: 'Who Can I run too' 11/23/2013
10:18 pm Emotions: 'Don't Ask My Neighbors' 11/23/2013
10:15 pm LTD: 'You and I Were Meant To Be' 11/23/2013
10:12 pm Rose Royce: 'I Want to Get Next to You' 11/23/2013
10:09 pm Smokey Robinson: 'agony and the ecstasy' 11/23/2013
10:06 pm Heatwave: 'Always & Forever' 11/23/2013
10:03 pm Hot Snow: 'bump your funky boo-dy' 11/23/2013
9:57 pm Con Funk Shun: 'Sure Feels Good to Me' 11/23/2013
9:54 pm Banzai: 'Chinese Kung Fu' 11/23/2013
9:51 pm Donny Hathaway: 'WHAT'S GOING ON' 11/23/2013
9:48 pm Ray Charles: 'Abraham Martin and John' 11/23/2013
10:52 pm The Tempations: 'Everything is gonna be alright' 11/16/2013
10:49 pm Apples: 'Kidneystone' 11/16/2013
10:46 pm The Boston Horns: 'D Train' 11/16/2013
10:43 pm Apples: 'the Power' 11/16/2013
10:40 pm The Haggis Horns: 'The Bump' 11/16/2013
10:37 pm Uptown Funk Empire: 'Keep On Givin' It Up' 11/16/2013
10:34 pm Neighbor: 'Drink in the Funk' 11/16/2013
10:31 pm Funk Tomas: 'How G is the Party' 11/16/2013
10:28 pm Slynk: 'Let's Make It Funky' 11/16/2013
10:25 pm "Brother" Jack McDuff: 'Con Elma' 11/16/2013
10:22 pm King Pleasure: 'Don't get Scared' 11/16/2013
10:19 pm Charles Mingus: 'Oh Lord, Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me' 11/16/2013
10:16 pm Emotions: 'Flowers' 11/16/2013

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Photos and audio from La Fête de Marquette 2013

07/15/13 11:19 AM | Daniella Echeverria

Fete de Marquette 2013 Photos by Ankur Malhotra ( and Norm Stockwell. Links to streaming audio of each artist’s set that was broadcast live are below. Many thanks to our community supporters, whose generosity helps us bring you all this great music!!

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The Mad Marcus Rock and Soul Revue
The Mad Marcus Rock and Soul Revue
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