The People Who Make WORT Tick

WORT‘s Structure

The organizational structure of WORT reflects the station’s principles of democratic decision making; the paid and unpaid workers (the volunteers) at the station elect the Board of Directors; the Board sets policy and hires full-time and part-time paid staff. The full-time staff is organized as a collective that operates within sound management practices and written policies established by the Board. The staff collective oversees the day-to-day operations of the station.

WORT is nothing without the more than 300 volunteers who walk through the doors each week. Volunteers provide most of the on-air programming. WORT‘s distinct programming is the product of the knowledge, hard work, and creativity of the on-air volunteers. In addition, many volunteers contribute to myriad off-air operations.

Click here to download a visual representation of WORT‘s structure, including how staff, committees, and Board interact, with volunteers at the center of operations.

Board of Directors


Community Advisory Board

  • Zaher Karp, Chair
    Pam Alsum, Secretary
    Adelaide Fiske
    Tom Jones
    Tish Lafferty
    Mitch Rosefelt
    Victoria Straughn

Programming Committee

  • Karma Chavez, Chair
  • Jim Schwall, Board Liaison
  • Molly Stentz, Staff Representative
  • Sybil Augustine, Staff Representative
  • Rich Samuels, Member at Large
  • Sal Serio, Volunteer Representative (Music)

The Fabulous Multitudes!

Of course, there are MANY more volunteers who make WORT tick, who can’t be listed hereā€”but you are awesome.

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