A Global Perspective On The Price Of Iron

Monday, 25 February 2013 | buzz

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Steven Randall, the director of Steel Index, a global service reporting iron ore and other steel component prices to investors, suppliers and buyers, joined the Buzz from London on February, 25, 2013. He brings with him over 25 years of experiences in buying, selling and trading iron.


This week we focused strictly on iron in the global market. Where is the demand for iron ore and how much of a contribution is America making? Listen to the interview below to find out.


Randall concludes our series on iron ore. Mining is a pertinent issue in Wisconsin right now as a major coal company is eager to create a large open pit mine in Northern Wisconsin. However in order for the company to be willing to dig in Wisconsin they first need to change current laws. A bill was brought to the Wisconsin State Legislature last month, January 2013, that excludes the company from significant environmental laws allowing the company to mine without managing the harmful waste rock byproduct.



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