The Veterans for Peace National Convention 2013

Thursday, 1 August 2013 | A Public Affair

“It’s one thing to be able to say that war is just and that you know you’re there doing the right thing and to have faith in your superiors no matter what the call is and that it’s going to be hard of course because it’s war, but I think it’s quite another to be faced with some of the imperial facts of like what’s happening on the ground in Afghanistan and what has been happening on ground in Iraq. To say no that doesn’t make any sense. That is not a good idea. That is not legal. It’s those stories that I think Canadians and U.S. citizen civilians need to hear.”- Nicole Guiniling on the need to share the stories of war veterans and war resisters

In the United States, citizens are very vocal about supporting our troops; however, expressing support for our veterans is a different story. On Thursday August 1st, host Allen Ruff spoke with anti-war activist and wife of U.S. war resister, Nicole Marie Guiniling and local Veterans for Peace activist Norm Aulabaugh about the concerns of veterans as the upcoming Veterans for Peace National Convention 2013 here in Madison approaches. Guiniling currently works in Toronto as a United States veteran expatriates. Over the course of the show, Ruff, Guiniling, and Aulabaugh discussed the issues and concerns that many veterans coup with on a daily basis such as illness and PTSD and how the United States is handling those issues and concerns. Guiniling also covered several topics ranging from the conservative Canadian regime and how they are dealing with soldiers who are AWOL in Canada, to war resisters who are speaking out against the war who are currently residing in Canada. Guiniling also shared some of the powerful and emotionally charged personal stories of war resisters. Ruff, Guiniling, and Aulabaugh then talked about how Bradley Manning was able to shed some light on a terrible situation where human rights were being violated that our media was not covering.

The National Veterans for Peace Convention 2013

Later in the show, Aulabaugh spoke about Veterans for Peace and about the Veterans for Peace Convention that will be held here in Madison from August 7th-11th at the Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club. Veterans for Peace is a global organization that strives to increase public awareness about the costs of war, restrain the U.S. government from getting overly involved with international affairs, eliminate nuclear weapons and end the arms race, seek justice for veterans, as well as end war as a tool for national policy.

To learn more and become more involved with Veterans for Peace as well as the Veterans for Peace National Convention 2013 you can visit their websites.

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