BEEFUS Christmas Opera on WORT

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 |

This coming December 12th, 2013 from 9:30 – 10:30PM on Pyschoacoustics will be a special show featuring Madison’s Maddest Musical Mad Scientists – BEEFUS – as they present a LIVE performance of a Mini-Opera entitled “Daddy Slap Chop & The Santa Gland.”

Featuring a 9-piece band that includes trombones, synthesizers, hammond organ, electric mandolin, string bass, sound effects, Flex-A-Tone, and jingle bells (but, as is the way with BEEFUS, not a single guitar), this polytheistically perverse ensemble will relate to the radio audience a tale of the true origin, lewd life, and grisly death of the ogre mutante known as Santa Claus.

In addition to a witty and peculiar teleplay, BEEFUS and friends have written and rehearsed NINE original songs just for this performance, none of which have been previously heard by the listening public:
Daddy Slap Chop
What’s Happening To My Body?
Elf Pleasure
Party with Santa
I Saw Your Momma
Abortion for Christmas
(Santa Don’t Take That) Pet Medicine
I Saw Mutants Eating Santa Claus
The Faceless Child Is Born

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