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Monday, 6 May 2013 | A Public Affair
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Kay-Tee Franke

On Monday, May 6th host John Quinlan talked about buying and investing locally with Colin Murray and Kay-Tee Franke, respectively executive director and president of Dane Buy Local. Joining the conversation was Tera Johnson with the Small Business Development Center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Madison culture has always been supportive of a local business climate. Therefore, organizations such as Small Business Development and Dane Buy Local don’t just educate and promote local businesses, but go one step further by providing connections within the community. Throughout the show, this importance of community connection to both increase the profitability and sustainability of small business was stressed. It was also stressed that such organizations aren’t against chain businesses, but instead try to promote local businesses as an equal option.

Colin Murray by Carolyn Fath

Colin Murray

Both the investing and buying movements in Madison are at the forefront of the nation. In the first half of the show, Quinlan focused on the concept of “grassroots” investing with Tera Johnson. This concept emphasizes that many people can and should invest in the business world, at any amount. In fact, they are encouraged to. Additionally, they focused on the growth of cooperatives, which are able to avoid potential investment regulation by allowing everyone who would like to invest a partial ownership of the co-op.

The second half of the show focused on buying locally and being a part of the Dane Buy Local. Dane Buy Local, promotes over 700 businesses in the Madison area, including everything from local growers to local entertainment firms. Both Kay-Tee Franke and Colin Murray discussed the importance of connections between these local businesses to build relationships both inside and out of the business world.

For more about Dane Buy Local, visit their website:

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