Bylaws Review 2014

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 |

We want to hear from you!

From March 10 through April 10, the WORT Board of Directors is seeking input from staff, volunteers, listeners, and sponsors on revisions to the station’s governing Bylaws.

WORT’s Bylaws haven’t had a thorough evaluation in over a decade. As part of a comprehensive governance review, WORT’s Board of Directors is assessing and updating our Bylaws. We hope to streamline them, allowing the station the flexibility and responsiveness it needs to grow and evolve.

Some of the items under consideration include:

+Streamlining the Bylaws to make them less complex and confusing.

+Increasing the size of the Board of Directors to provide the station with more resources and expertise.

+Revising the Committee structure to reduce redundancies and ensure the continuity of the programming committee.

+Providing the Board with more flexibility in filling short-term Board vacancies.

We encourage you to review the proposed bylaws updates and send us your comments and questions.

Please visit the Bylaws Review Site for further background information, and to provide your feedback.

Interim Webmaster

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