Chinese Horses Get The Blues

Friday, 24 January 2014 |

Art Schuna, co-host of Two For The Blues from 8-10 pm on Saturday nights, is planning to celebrate Chinese New Year on WORT’s airwaves¬†January 25th with a whole show of blues songs about equines.

Art says: Chinese New Year begins January 31st. It will be the Year of the Horse. I’ve done this special every year for some time now, only skipping 2012 which was the Year of the Dragon. There aren’t any blues songs about dragons for some reason…. Anyway, I have lots of material for horse-related blues music so I should be able to do the whole show with this theme.

Tune in Saturday night, January 25 or listen to the show on our archives from Jan. 25-Feb 8.


Check out this video for a preview of what will be on:

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