Crushing Student Loan Debt in the United States

Tuesday, 23 July 2013 | A Public Affair

student loan debt

“This incredible debt that now exists in America that has never existed in the history of this great republic and that is young people who are doing the right thing. They are working hard, their beingĀ responsible, they’re trying to get a high education so they get the skills and tools to be able to be productive members of the middle class. They are being turned into virtual indentured servants because of student loan debt.”- Scot Ross on student loan debt in the United States

Have you ever wondered how far the college graduates of the United States are in debt due to their student loans? Host Carousel Bayrd and guest Scot Ross answered this question on Tuesday July 23rd’s show of A Public Affair. Scot Ross informed listeners that student loan debt has reached an all-time high of 1.2 trillion dollars. Scot Ross has overseen the progress of One Wisconsin Now and One Wisconsin Institute and is currently the executive director of both organizations. Over the course of the show, Bayrd and Ross discussed not only the crushing student loan debt, but also how it is affecting the economy. Ross brought up several important questions that we need to answer in order to protect our economy from becoming even more crippled. The first question is whether or not education will continue to be considered a public good that’s supported by the public. The next question asks what do we do with the 1.2 trillion dollar debt? How do we stop it from getting above 2 trillion? And lastly, what are the long term economic effects if we chose not to act. These are crucial questions that we need to answer in order to stop student loan debt from suffocating the futures of higher education students in the United States.

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