WORT 3500 Club

At 8 PM on December 1, 1975, in Madison, WI, WORT Community Radio was born.

What else was happening the year of WORT’s birth? The U.S. was in an economic recession. People were worried about inflation, unemployment was on the rise and politicians were pressured to fix the economy or lose their jobs.

Sound familiar?

There are other similarities between now and then, but a notable difference lies in the information that’s readily available to us. In 1975, at least 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of all news media. Today, that number has dwindled to around five. That means a scant few control what’s available over the airwaves, online and in the rapidly disappearing newspaper.

As today’s “Great Recession” lingers, credible – and diverse – information about our economy, our leaders and our country’s place in the global landscape is more important than ever. WORT delivers perspectives you won’t hear anywhere else – not to mention wonderfully eclectic musical choices – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Over the past 35 years WORT has matured in many important ways. But it remains a grassroots station supported by the community and programmed by volunteers who are passionate about what they do – in some cases (e.g. Rockin’ John McDonald), so passionate they volunteer for 35 years and counting.

In recognition of WORT’s 35th birthday and to make sure we continue for another 35 years and beyond, we recently created the 3500 Club for generous donors like you. The 3500 Club stretches a gift of $3,500 over either three or five years via our Autogive program in which money is withdrawn monthly via Electronic Funds Transfer from either a checking or savings account. $3500 over three years equals $97.22 a month, and over five years equals $58.33 a month.

For joining the 3500 Club you are entitled to thank you gifts offered during our pledge drives as well as the satisfaction of knowing that YOU will be helping to ensure that WORT will continue to provide vital volunteer-powered, listener-sponsored community radio for many years to come!

To join the 3500 Club call 256-2001 or toll-free at 1-866-899-9678 during business hours and ask for Jim Goronson. Jim can also be contacted via email at pledge@wort-fm.org. You can also click here to download a PDF and print a 3500 Club sign-up form which can be sent to the following address:

Attn: Jim Goronson
118 S. Bedford St.
Madison, WI 53703

– Jim Goronson



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