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Friday, 26 October 2012 | buzz


On Friday October 26, our host Jonathan Zarov speaks about the upcoming Driftless Film Festival with Nicholas Langholff and Darren Burrows, co-founders of the film festival, and actor Mark Metcalf.


The Driftless Film Festival takes place in the “driftless area,” of Mineral Point, referring to the south west part of Wisconsin, emphasizes the regional nature of the film festival. Apart from Mineral Point, in which a large focus of the festival will be situated in, other towns that are included in the festival include Richland Center, Spring Green, and Platteville. Nicholas speaks particularly about the experience of film watching, in which the theater itself plays an important role, “there’s a special charm to the area, and that’s why I think for people to come out and see a movie at the Mineral Point Opera house, or at the Guard Theater in Spring green, and to visit the restaurants, the brewery…you have these things that are beyond the film festival, and that’s the charm of the community. That’s what drives us, and we like being part of it.”


Says Darren, “a lot of the films we do are… lower-budget films, films that are done for the love rather than paying the rent… Its more about providing the opportunity for artists to show their films the way they were meant to be seen.”


Among the movies that will be played at the festival include Beasts of the Southern Wild (the opening film for the festival), environmental films such as Chasing Ice and Bidder 70, political films such as Janeane from Des Moines and As Goes Janesville, and several local Wisconsin films. Click here for a full list of the films.


Actor Mark Metcalf, who has acted in films and shows such as Seinfeld and Animal House, will be at the festival and will be doing Q and A sessions after the showing of the two films he acted in, The Wheel as well as Little Red, in which he plays the Big Bad Wolf. He speaks of the festival, “I think small festivals like Driftwood are really great. It gives people a chance to see films that they wouldn’t ordinarily get the chance to see, so that they know there’s more to filmmaking than [mainstream Hollywood films]… they’re only one part of what cinema can do. You get to see how flexible, powerful, and interesting an art form cinema can be. Besides, it’s a beautiful part of the country.”


Visit driftlessfilmfestival.org for more information.
The film festival opens Friday November 1, 3PM in Mineral Point. It will run from November 1 – 4.



Listen to the full interview here:

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