Economic Democracy in Madison

Friday, 21 June 2013 | A Public Affair

On Friday, June 21st, host Esty Dinur was joined by Justice Castaneda, who is currently working for Mayor Soglin to analyze the social and educational disparities that exist in Madison. A Madison native, he is examining some of the issues affecting the broader umbrella of student performance in Madison, relative to Wisconsin as a whole, and comparative to national trends. Specifically, he is looking at housing and developmental issues and how this then affects the efficacy of education and teachers.

As Castaneda says, “Madison does not have one single achievement gap. It has many achievement gaps.” He pointed out how Madison is a spatially split city, which can be blind to the issues that might exist right around the corner. Additionally, he and Dinur discussed the issue of community organization and how even something such as a free breakfast program and community involvement by individual people can help achievement more than anything else. Similarly, he explained how it is one thing to protest privatization of schools and another to move things forward – and how school policy need to be moved forward and developed before achievement gaps can be closed.

Listen to the interview to learn more:

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