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Yes, it’s that time of year again – WORT is holding its Annual Meeting on Sunday June 29th from 3:00-6:00pm at Dutch’s Auto Service, Inc. at 202 Regas Road (just off Milwaukee Street, near the Post Office). The meeting will feature reports from Board, Staff, and Committees, an election for three open seats on the Board of Directors (only eligible voters may cast ballots) and some great food and beverages.

This year there will be a lot on the ballot! -

First, a proposed revision of the station’s bylaws (info available here:

Secondly, WORT is holding an election for three (3) open seats on the
Board of Directors of Back Porch Radio Broadcasting, Inc., for a term that
will end in June 2017. The WORT Board has nine members, eight elected by
the membership in two categories (five station volunteers and three
listener-sponsors) and a staff representative elected by the paid staff.
Participating members can vote by ballot available at the station from
staff. (According to the station’s bylaws: ARTICLE II: Section 2.1 (b) A
participating member of WORT shall be any person who has voluntarily
performed at least five (5) hours of work in each of three (3) consecutive
months within the period bounded by October 1st of the previous year
through March 31st of the current year.).

Third, there will be an election to fill out the remaining term of a
director who is resigning to go on to other exciting things in a different
city. This seat will have a term ending in June 2016.

And finally, we are seeking candidates for two “Alternate” directors.
These directors will be seated only if the new bylaws pass at the annual
meeting since this bylaw revision creates an additional two seats on the
Board. The initial term for these two seats is two years (until June
2016), but will become three years in subsequent elections.

All that sound complicated?

Sorry, there is a lot going on here at your “little community radio
station that could (can)” – but if you have any questions, please feel
free to ask a member of the Elections Committee: Dean Loumos, Amy
Mondloch, Norman Stockwell, & Tessa Wyllie de Echeverria.

The Certified Voters List will be posted in the back hallway at the
station. Applications for the Board seats will be available at the Front
Desk at 118 S. Bedford Street. Or you can fillout this printable PDF:2014 BOARDAPP-Annual.fill-2 Please ask a staff member if you have questions about either of these.

Operations Coordinator
Norm has been working at the station in music and news programming since 1983.

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