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Friday, 12 October 2012 | buzz

On Friday October 12, our host Jonathan Zarov spoke with db. Pederson, who is performing with Empty Orchestra. Empty Orchestra, presented by Jin-Wen Yu Dance and the UW-Madison Dance Department, is “a cross-cultural contemporary dance concert celebrating Jin-Wen Yu’s return to Madison after a year of sabbatical, during which he traveled extensively to explore different modes and meanings of movement. ” (UW School of Education Events) The show runs October 11 – 13 at the Margaret H’Doubler Performance Space at the UW School of Dance. Empty Orchestra is the “literal translation of karaoke” db explains, “…the empty orchestra indicates… the orchestra without the singer. And what we’re doing with movement…its a suite of pieces put together.. we’re trying to give the sense of imitation, mimicry… so there’s an interplay among all the members. For me karaoke is very valuable…you take something you’re not a professional at, and you come forward as amateurishly as possible, you put your heart and soul on the line, and you step up to it.” The performance involves components of improvisation as well, “there is a recorded piece involving several songs…samples of songs that are taken. A lot of live looping and at least three improv pieces”


See Empty Orchestra at the Margaret H’Doubler Performance Space at Lathrop Hall on October11, 12 and 13. Tickets are available at the UW Theater Box Office.


Listen to the entire interview here:

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