Arts and Sparks in the Park

September 14, 2013 8:00 am

Presented by Loeb-Lorman Metals and the Fort Atkinson Arts Council, “Arts and Sparks in the Park” combines a unique live action Welding Rodeo and a Fine Arts and Crafts Fair. At the Loeb-Lorman Welding Rodeo, watch teams of welders and artists put their skills to the test in this competition to transform metal scrap into public sculpture. Participants dive into scrap piles at 8:00 am and emerge with a finished sculpture at 4:30 pm. There is a Silent Auction at 5:30 pm where you, the spectator, may bid on the finished welded sculptures. Along with the Welding Rodeo browse the creations of quality artists and craftsmen at our Fine Arts and Crafts Fair.

1:30 Music performance by the 1st Brigade Band – period brass band music from the 1860′s, bring chairs and blankets for grass seating.
Food and beverage will complement the day’s activities.

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