Exit Zero: Family and Class in Postindustrial Chicago

Monday, 10 June 2013 | A Public Affair

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On Monday, June 10th host John Quinlan talked with Christine Walley about her book “Exit Zero: Family and Class in Postindustrial Chicago.” This book centers around inter-generational stories of families, including Walley’s own family, who were affected by the closing of steel mills in Chicago.

Walley and Quinlan discussed the use of personal language in Walley’s book and her own experience. They also explored the social and class changes that ensued from the closings – including the rise of temporary jobs, labor black holes and class distinction for middle class families and neighborhoods around Chicago. She also discussed the change of upward mobility from a community movement to an individual one. Finally she discussed solutions and how to open discussion of class and labor issues.

Christine Walley will be a speaker at the Fighting Forward Conference this upcoming Friday.

Learn more about the Exit Zero Project.

Listen to the whole show here:

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