Facebook: Activism in the Future?

Friday, 5 July 2013 | A Public Affair

On the Friday, July 5th A Public Affair, sub host Yuri Rashkin was joined by Adam Rutherford and Bryan Bliss, Facebook gurus, to discuss Facebook as a tool for businesses, politics and activism.

Bliss and Rutherford began by giving tips about how to strategically use Facebook – from reeling in interested viewers to interacting with avid followers. They focused on the use of visuals and catchy sayings. Why did the chicken cross the road? Like this breakfast restaurant page and you’ll find out!

They also discussed the importance of making those you interact with on Facebook comfortable with your page and creating a personal feel, especially from a political standpoint. If people feel as though the page they like is fair and involving, they will be more likely to become interested and interact.

The way that Facebook is set up, we are sent to the Newsfeed as soon as we log on. Facebook assumes that we want to see not ourselves, but those we are ‘Friends’ with, or have ‘Liked’. From there, it is up to the Facebook administrator. Both Bliss and Rutherford stressed that if you don’t know what you’re doing with Facebook as a marketing tool, it can be just the waste of time that some businesses maintain it is.

On the dark side, though, the discussion went into the political factions on Facebook. They discussed why certain pages are blocked and reported, and how certain left-wing or right-wing pages can sometimes just disappear. This Facebook banning has huge implications for free speech and raises important questions about policy at Facebook.

The interviews ended on a positive note though – on the many positives and positive uses of Facebook as tool to connect, organize and inform.

Listen to the entire show:

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