Fitchburg: We’re Not Madison

Tuesday, 9 July 2013 | buzz

Mayor Shawn PfaffThe City of Fitchburg, which is located on the southern edge of Madison, just celebrated its 30th birthday. Mayor Shawn Pfaff of Fitchburg joined the July 9th 8 O’Clock Buzz to elaborate on the demographic, geographic and economic diversity of Fitchburg and their desire to remain an independent city.

FitchburgFitchburg’s population is 25,248, about 1/3 of whom are African-American and another 1/3 of whom are Hispanic. Fitchburg is a mix of urban and rural, and consists of both wealthy and poor neighborhoods. Though the city is diverse, Mayor Pfaff states that he has “made it his goal to connect communities around the city”. Specifically, Mayor Pfaff has focused on connecting communities through construction and development, faith, and youth. The investment in youth and youth programs has already seen a 20% decrease in youth crime over the last two years.

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and Mayor Pfaff have a close working relationship. Together they have been discussing how to share services and promote development. “Once you get the public investment in there, the private will come”, states Mayor Pfaff.

Listen to the entire interview with sub-host J.R. Sims:

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