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Friday, 4 January 2013 | buzz

headshotsOn Friday January 4, 2013 our guest host Ankur Malhotra interviewed author Gail Konop Baker to speak about her podcast G Spot. The podcast also features house music from local musicians Quinn and Andy in the upcoming second season.


She explains how her podcast came about “It originated here. I was on Jonathan’s show after I wrote an article for the Huffington Post… after I went back into the dating scene after my divorce. The article got a lot of comments…” She explains that as she was talking about her article on the radio, she realized that she loved talking on the radio and decided to turn to podcasting.


Gail observed that her daughters, too, were in the dating scene, and began having several conversations about the topic with them. It was during these conversations that Gail decided to create a podcast about this, “wouldn’t it be interesting to have these conversations as a podcast between mother and daughter…really honest intimate conversations about it.” They speak on air about the various relationship issues that come up today, ranging from sperm banks and the proper way to refer to one’s partner to others. Gail explains that she and her daughters have always maintained an openness when it comes to discussing such issues with each other, and the purpose of the podcast is to share these topics with others too.



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