Split Show: Updates from the Boston Bombing and Interview with Michael Brune of the Sierra Club

Friday, 19 April 2013 | A Public Affair

On Friday April 19th, host Esty Dinur started the show with a discussion about the Boston bombing and the Chechnya connection with Chip Berlet and Professor Uli Schamiloglu. During the second half of the program she interviewed Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, who was the keynote speaker at Isthmus Green Day on Saturday April 20th at the Terrace Community and Convention Center.

SierraLogoAccording to the Isthmus page for the event, “Early in his career Brune worked for Greenpeace and immediately knew he’d found his calling. He moved on to the Rainforest Action Network, where his leadership helped secure a commitment from Home Depot to phase out sales of wood from endangered forests. Brune got similar environmentally focused commitments from Citi, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Kinko’s and Lowe’s.

Brune’s 2008 book, ‘Coming Clean: Breaking America’s Addiction to Oil and Coal,’ addressed climate disruption and laid out an ambitious plan for moving America toward a clean-energy economy. ‘I’ve been working on solutions to the climate crisis for a long time, but I never really expected that it would hit home for me quite the way it did,’ he said recently. ‘Like the attack on Pearl Harbor or the 9/11 assault, Sandy rocked our nation into awareness of a threat to every thing we hold dear. We must meet that challenge.’

‘The Sierra Club is devoted to protecting the planet’s last, best places,’ Brune says, ‘and to having a great time exploring and enjoying those places.’”

Esty spoke with Brune about the environmental issues the Sierra Club is working on.

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