“Lab Lit” // Kingsolver’s ‘Flight Behavior’ – June 20

Thursday, 20 June 2013 | Science

June 20th’s summer solstice show is produced and hosted by Kaitlin. It’s about ‘Lab Lit,’ or science in novels. This was inspired by a December 2012 New York Times article by Katherine Bouton, which can be found here: www.nytimes.com/2012/12/04/science/in-lab-lit-fiction-meets-science-of-the-real-world.html And this website: http://www.lablit.com/

The show and the above article focus on Barbara Kingsolver’s recent book, Flight Behavior. http://www.kingsolver.com/books/flight-behavior.html

But what challenges and opportunities come with a novelist talking about science? Especially insects and climate change?

Our guest, ecologist Dr. Karen Oberhauser of the University of Minnesota, can speak to those points! She is an expert in monarch butterflies, conservation biology, and insect ecology. More information about Dr. Oberhauser and her lab’s research can be found here: http://oberhauserlab.cfans.umn.edu/

You can listen to the entire show right here:

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