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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 | A Public Affair
Matt Dannenberg, Copyright: WI LCV

Matt Dannenberg, Copyright: WI LCV

On Tuesday, June 18th sub host Tim Hansel interviewed Matt Dannenberg of the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters (LCV). The LCV is an organization that pushes for legislation which supports environmental conservation and exposes policy makers of all political affiliations who consistently vote against such legislation.

Specifically, Matt Dannenberg talked about a recent budget provision that removes the public’s ability to protect the environment from high-capacity well-pumping. The provision states:

“Move to specify that a person may not challenge an application for, or a permit for, a high capacity well based on the lack of consideration of the cumulative environmental impacts of the proposed high capacity well together with existing wells when approving the high capacity well permit. This provision would apply to applications for high capacity well permits and high capacity well permits in effect before, on, or after, the effective date of the bill, and for applications and permits for which final administrative or judicial review has not been completed on the effective date of the bill.”

These high-capacity wells are often directly related to frac sand mining. Learn more about fracking and it’s impact here.

To learn more about the degradation of Wisconsin waters, you can watch this short film produced by Friends of Central Sands:

Listen to the entire interview:

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