Child Arrests in Hebron

Thursday, 4 July 2013 | buzz

Christian Peacemaker TeamsHebron, Palestine: Israeli soldiers are making arrests. But there is something wrong with this picture – the people arrested children.

Each year, Christian Peacemaker Teams head to Palestine for 2-3 months during the summer. They provide humanitarian aid to the West Bank city of Hebron. CPT seeks to embody an “inclusive, ecumenical and diverse community of God’s love”. Cassandra Dixon, a CPT witness from Palestine, joined the July 4th 8 O’Clock Buzz to talk about The Christian Peacemaker Teams and what they’re doing in Hebron.

Cassandra believes that if these child arrests were happening anywhere else in the world they would receive international outrage. The arresting of children happens so frequently that it has become normal. Any child, even multiple siblings, face a fairly good chance of being arrested on a daily basis. In addition, children are having trouble accessing education and families are having issues getting what they need to survive. Children are having to cross “borders” just to get to school. In addition, these families often have to deal with settlers who don’t want them there, and there have been reports of violence that include children. Dixon explained that CPT travels to Hebron to help address these problems and provide relief to Palestinian families and children.

Dixon reminded us that on this anniversary of our independence day, we must think of those children who are unable to celebrate their own independence or freedom.

She is a recipient of the 2008 WNPJ Peacemaker and Lifetime Achievement award. 

Listen to the entire interview with Gilman Hofstad:

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