Live And Local: New Years Gang

Monday, 6 January 2014 |

live & localLive and Local is a program about promoting local music and giving Madison bands access to the airwaves. Each month we find a different band, go to a show, and record them. This last month was a recording of New Years Gang - a local punk-rock group. Glad to have gotten the recording that night, as it was their last show.

The members had some smashing energy on stage, with a joking dialog between band members and the audience. The nonchalant directness of the lead guitar and vocals really bought the whole band together, from the loud arm failing drummer in the back to the steady quiet bassist.

New Years Gang was formed in 2010. The group is made up of three members; Erick Frudhling (guitar, vocals), Claire Nelson-Lifson (bass), and Alex Ross (drums, vocals). While New Years Gang is finished as a band you can still catch these rockers in different bands. Erick and Alex are both in the local garage punk band Fire Retread while Claire is the new drummer for non-traveling band, which was featured in the July Live and Local program.

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