LIVE & LOCAL Volunteer Opportunity

WORT is seeking volunteers who are passionate about live, local music to help produce the Live & Local radio program. Duties include recording local musicians performing in and around the WORT listening area. The show is an hour long so recorded performances should be at least an hour long, preferably longer so that some trimming can be done. Live and Local airs once per month on the second Friday of the month from 11pm to midnight. This means that at least one useable show recording per month should be made.

Another major duty is the editing of the recording which is done on the computer with audio editing software. Soundforge, Cool Edit and Audacity audio editing software are used here in the WORT studios. The goal of editing is to make the recording ready for radio broadcast. Editing typically involves snipping out some parts, raising the volume on overly soft parts, lowering the volume on overly loud parts, etc.

The final duty is to broadcast the recording from our studio. This entails introducing the artist, providing info on upcoming releases and concerts for that artist, and perhaps brief commentary on the performance.

The primary requirements for this position are passion for live, local music and the ability to commit the time necessary for recording and production of the show. Training is available on the technical aspects of recording and editing.

For more information contact Jim Goronson: or call him at 608-256-2001 during business hours.

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