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Friday, 14 December 2012 | buzz

On Friday, December 14, our host Jonathan Zarov speaks with the Mad Rollin’ Dolls, Madison’s Premier Roller Derby League. They speak about the Here Comes Slamma Claus event that begins tomorrow, Saturday Dec 15. Proceeds from the event will go towards the Domestic Abuse Intervention Services. The event will feature the teams Reservoir Dolls vs. Quad Squad, and Vaudeville Vixens vs. Unholy Rollers. Jonathan Zarov interviews ‘Mouse’, ‘Nefarious’, and ‘Donna Stunner’ from the Mad Rollin’ Dolls.


The teams practice together in the same facility, and compete against each other during their home season. The travel season is made up of the winning skaters who form an all-star charter team called the Dairyland Dolls, which competes nationally. This February they will be playing in San Diego, California.


Up to 2,000 people in the community attend the season opener events each year, a sign of the growing popularity the Mad Rollin’ Dolls enjoys in Madison. They explain that everyone who works with the League volunteers their time, which cuts down on costs.


The women explain that Derby helps people develop self confidence. “It changes you a lot more than any other sport. It evokes a passion, definitely provides a lot of community connections, a sense of sisterhood that doesn’t come from other traditional sporting atmospheres. Derby is open to people that don’t have any sporting background as well as people that do [have it]. Once you are here, you find that you can connect with so many different types of people, and that draws in the types of people that had difficulty connecting to peoples socially or maybe have become disconnected from sports… women aren’t socialized to have an appropriate outlet for aggression…this a great way to get that out in a positive way…Derby is a symbiotic relationship… I can’t imagine my life without it,” the team members explain.


Visit the Mad Rollin’ Dolls website.

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Here Comes Slamma Claus
Alliant Energy Center
6 PM, Saturday Dec 15


Listen to the interview here:

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