Mainstream Media Calling Recall for Walker

Tuesday, 5 June 2012 | ioby

With over a third of precincts reporting, mainstream media outlets CNN, the Associated Press, ABC News, NBC News and Fox are calling the recall election for Governor Walker.

Money Talks

Mother Jones’ Andy Kroll has been reporting on the flood of money coming into Wisconsin for Governor Walker’s campaign and potential effect on voter turnout. He tells IOBY it’s been paying dividends for the Walker campaign.

“Driving through the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin and every other ad is supporting Governor Walker or attacking Mayor Barrett. This election had record spending. These recalls, and the state senate recalls last year, have been chilling case studies about how much money can flood into a relatively small area.”

“They have so much money, they say a lot,” Kroll tells IOBY. “They have a huge megaphone. When you have that much money and hit the same talking points, people will start to believe that it’s true, even when it goes against their own interests.”

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