March 20, 2014 – Dr. Harry Greene

Thursday, 20 March 2014 | Science

Tonight’s show is produced by Kaitlin Stack Whitney and engineered by Matthew Zmudka.

Our guest tonight is Dr. Harry Greene of Cornell University. His research is on the behavior, ecology, evolution, and conservation biology of vertebrates and is especially interested in snakes. He talked about snakes, outreach, critical anthropomorphism, his path to a science career, and why natural history has all the cool questions (and genomics can help answer them) — among many other things! He’s an inspiration and was great fun to interview.


Check out his fantastic new book, Tracks and Shadows: Field Biology as Art. It’s in the UW library already and can be on your bookshelf ASAP.

And his previous book: Snakes: The Evolution of Mystery in Nature.


We’ll put permanent streaming audio link (embedded soundcloud file) up here in a few days; in the meantime download or stream the show via the WORT archives here:

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