Meeting Minutes – January 2014

Wednesday, 5 February 2014 | Programming Committee

Programming Committee meeting minutes

January 13, 2014

by, Ken Rineer


A recent test of the remote operations systems showed that it still needs some work,


The programmer for the Monday morning classical program has met with Sybil and is about to resume her show.


Molly is still looking for a new Tuesday IOBY producer, a difficult and important volunteer position.


The PC is about to set up recruitment again for a new member to get back up to eight. It is hoped that there can be a front page encouragement on the website. A promo will be run on the air. Related to recruitment, the PC is about to choose a new chair, a vice-chair, and a secretary. It is hoped that it can get an additional member and have takers for the offices by the time of the next BOD meeting. In the meantime, chair Stu Utley has agreed to continue as chair for another month or so.


Programmer volunteer reviews are cranking into operation. Molly will begin with A Public Affair in the last week of February. Sybil will start with the Pyschoacoustics crew and a few other programmers that are volunteering to be reviewed right away. The PC is looking to do a better job of making the review documents more available and easier to access.


The PC members agreed to report that they support the tech staffing efforts and hope for someone who can make the station’s desktop systems consistent in order to assist in the proper training of volunteers, and hopefully to help with setting up and running a (the) volunteer web site.

Karma Chavez
Chair, News Volunteer Representative
Stuart Utley
Vice Chair, Listener Sponsor Representative
Sal Serio
Secretary, Music Volunteer Representative
Jim Schwall
Board Representative
Molly Stentz
News & Public Affairs Director
Sybil Augustine
Music Director
Rich Samuels
Music Volunteer Representative
At Large Member

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