Meeting Minutes – March 2014

Sunday, 6 April 2014 | Programming Committee

Programming Committee Meeting

118 S. Bedford Street. Madison, Wisconsin 53703

March 10, 2014

5:00 – 6:30pm




Present: Molly Stentz, Karma Chavez, Sybil Augustine, Jim Schwall, Sal Serio, Stuart Utley, Rich Samuels


Meeting Commenced: 5:10pm


I. Communication from the Public

1. No guests

2. Read from Listener blog: A listener was critical of pronunciation of international names, and suggested previewing pronunciations in advance of programs


II. Communication from the Board

1. Welcomed new Board rep Jim Schwall


III. Schedule Next Meeting

1. MEETING DATE: Monday, April 7th 5:15 – 6:45pm


IV. Staff Reports

1. News, Talk, and Public Affairs:

  • Discussion of Winter Pledge Drive results, approx. $10,000 short of goal, will see if Jim Goronson can provide analysis to the P.C.
  • Programmers of “A Public Affair” were still learning the caller I.D. and cueing features of new phone system, anticipation of having increased training concluded by end of March.
  • Looking ahead to recruitment of new Summer interns in relation to WORT’s News, Talk, and Public Affairs programming.
  • There will be a live broadcast from 4 Star Video on Fri. April 4 from noon until 2:00 pm about the WI Film Festival.
  • Opening still available for a programmer of “In Our Backyard” (local news) Tuesdays 6:30-7:00 pm

2. Music

  • Some positive pledge drive results from newer programmers, especially BossLady/“Universal Soul Explosion”
  • Efforts to increase communication and awareness (especially regarding pledge drive shifts) with newer programmers.
  • Reorganization of WORT classical music library.
  • Various issues arose during pledge drive concerning new phone system. Efforts to make better phone instructional documents available to volunteers.
  • Children’s program “Pachyderm Parade” is organizing a show at an upcoming parenting expo, that is partnering with WORT and increasing awareness of the station.
  • WORT documentary in the works produced by former WORT volunteer Gregory X. Various archival information and documentation needed. Hopeful finish date to coincide with WORT’s 40th anniversary in 2015.


V. Program Evaluations Update

1. News, Talk, And Public Affairs

None yet, but discussion of Karma Chavez “A Public Affair” to be reviewed by Molly & Stuart.

2. Music

None yet, but discussion of Rich Samuels “Anything Goes” to be reviewed by Sybil & Jim, with review of Sal Serio “The Rattlesnake Shake”, and Sybil & Heidi’s “Psychoacoustics” to follow shortly after.



Recruitment for one open position on Programming Committee. There were two online applicants to consider. Still some bugs to be worked out with online/website application.


Meeting Adjourned : 6:25pm


Notes By: Sal Serio

Karma Chavez
Chair, News Volunteer Representative
Stuart Utley
Vice Chair, Listener Sponsor Representative
Sal Serio
Secretary, Music Volunteer Representative
Jim Schwall
Board Representative
Molly Stentz
News & Public Affairs Director
Sybil Augustine
Music Director
Rich Samuels
Music Volunteer Representative
At Large Member

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