Mel & Floyd: Mercedes for the Holidays

Saturday, 14 December 2013 |


Dear Minions,

This week on Mel and Floyd: Mel and Mr. Smarty Pants celebrate the cold that keeps other people away from Wisconsin and Wisconsinites indoors and away from them and discuss their plans to buy each other a Mercedes Benz for Christmas (since that’s the new standard). A debate was also started about the actor who played Dr. Evil – Mike Meyers or Dick Cheney?

In other news, a golf-club-wielding man from Iowa attacked another man in a church, Canadian gang members are nicer than U.S. gang members, and cremated ashes can now be turned into diamonds. In other e-mails, a man decided never to call his child a Neanderthal again.

Happy Holidays and listening! Fridays from 1-2PM on WORT 89.9.

P.S. It may soon be illegal to talk on your cell-phone on airplanes. Quick, annoy all other passengers before it’s too late!

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