Mel & Floyd: Velveeta Shortages

Wednesday, 15 January 2014 |

Dear Minions,

This week on Mel & Floyd: Mr. Smarty Pants had blessing ricocheting off of him in an audience with the Pope, Mel wonders over the Man quashing the spirit of brain-selling entrepreneurs, both discuss hypoglycemia and poverty trends, and food stamps spike their worries of our government creating a cultural dependency on food! Also, while it’s raining bats in Australia, you may have noticed the cold around here – which is why the upper Midwest is the most appropriate place to complain about weather, unless a Siberian is in the room.

In other news, with the Superbowl looming, Velveeta mines may face shortages. The solution? Melt plastic in your frying pans.

Listen up! Tune in Fridays 1-2PM.

P.S. Excluding cannibalism, Wisconsin leads the nation in “drinkenness” with 23% of our residents engaging in binge drinking on a regular basis! Don’t forget to send your drunk e-mails to Mel & Floyd’s mailbag.



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