Mel & Floyd: West Virgina Drinking Water

Friday, 24 January 2014 |

Dear Minions,

This week on Mel & Floyd: Papal blessing results may vary, studies show recessions make people sick, radio stations are going green with song recycling, 10% of student athletes at North Carolina read below a 3rd grade level, and 3 easy ways to cut your child support payments (if you’re┬áMichael Eisenga). In addition, the Air Force has announced that to help with the moral of their nuclear weapons monitors, they will have Hawaiian shirt Tuesdays and blowing-up-small-island Thursdays.

In other news, Mel has fallen in love….with the Ohio 1802 Constitution. And don’t worry about genetic manipulation – we already managed to turn wolves into poodles.

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P.S. Chemical spill in W. Virgina (perhaps of Diet Sprite) contaminated Charleston drinking water. Watch this video of the West Virgina governor addressing the spill:

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