Mel & Floyd: West Virgina Drinking Water

Friday, 24 January 2014 |

Dear Minions,

This week on Mel & Floyd: Papal blessing results may vary, studies show recessions make people sick, radio stations are going green with song recycling, 10% of student athletes at North Carolina read below a 3rd grade level, and 3 easy ways to cut your child support payments (if you’re Michael Eisenga). In addition, the Air Force has announced that to help with the moral of their nuclear weapons monitors, they will have Hawaiian shirt Tuesdays and blowing-up-small-island Thursdays.

In other news, Mel has fallen in love….with the Ohio 1802 Constitution. And don’t worry about genetic manipulation – we already managed to turn wolves into poodles.

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P.S. Chemical spill in W. Virgina (perhaps of Diet Sprite) contaminated Charleston drinking water. Watch this video of the West Virgina governor addressing the spill:

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