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Wednesday, 7 November 2012 | buzz

On Wednesday November 7, our host Jan Miyasaki spoke with WORT News and Public Affairs Facilitator Molly Stentz about the November 6 elections. WORT had a four hour coverage of the elections on Nov 6 night.


Molly reports on some of the highlights from last night, including the local elections. She talks about Tammy Baldwin, “…We have not only our first gay Senator, but also our first female Senator, from Wisconsin. So Tammy Baldwin continues to break records and break through glass ceilings here in Wisconsin, and continues to represent that streak in Wisconsin politics of independent thinkers. People that buck the status quo…” Molly also reports on the other highlights; the State Senate did return to the control of the Republicans, picking up two seats – the seat held by Jessica King for the 18th Senate District as well as the seat formerly held by Jim Holperin. Explains Molly, “That gives the Republicans a comfortable majority in the State Senate, adding to their hefty control of the State Assembly. It means that in addition to the Governor’s Office, all three bodies are controlled by Republicans, meaning its going to be an interesting year for politics in the State Legislature next year. They’re in a stronger position now than even in 2011. What happened last night is that the two seats that the Democrats picked up in the recall were effectively just switched back.” Robin Vos was predicted to have leadership in the Assembly. Paul Ryan, who also ran for re-election for US House District 1, will return to congress. Also victorious was Mark Pocan, who is now the congressman for US House District 2. He spoke with Norm Stockwell from the Monona Terrace, “This district has a long reputation of a strong fighting progressive spirits. Im up for that, and i’m going to make sure that I do my best to represent our district in congress and be ready on day one.”


Jan asks about the voter turnout from yesterday. Says Molly, “It was high.. it was a record. The state elections board was projecting three million voters statewide.” Also present were international election observers present in Madison to monitor the elections. They will be holding a press conference later today.


Listen to the entire interview here:

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