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Saturday, 1 December 2012 | Kiosk Collective

Today in 1988: Madison peace activist Helen Woodson protests inside a federal prison. She is serving an eighteen-year sentence in Pleasanton, California, for damaging a Minuteman missile in Missouri in 1984.

Woodson starts a fire near the fence of the prison’s recreation field. Woodson, a mother of eleven children, will snip the security alarm wire with toenail clippers. She then hangs a banner that reads, “There is no security in the U.S. government, nuclear weapons, chemical contaminants, prisons, and UNICOR-military prison industries. Fences make slaves. Tear Them Down.”

Authorities will send her to the hole and charge her with attempted escape, arson, destruction of government property, and inciting to riot.

It’s today’s Action Calendar!

Forward Marching Band Practice is held each Monday from 7 to 8:30 pm. If you’re new, come at 6:30 and talk to band members during warm-ups. Musicians of all skill levels are welcome. This is tonight at 2717 Atwood Avenue. More info at 241-0259.

The Wheelchair Recycling Program offers low cost, refurbished mobility and medical equipment to people that may not have the resources to obtain them new. This can include wheelchairs, walkers, bath items, grab bars and other assistive equipment for purchase. There are offices in Madison and the Greater-Milwaukee area. Contact or 608-243-1785 for details.

Community Literacy is a Literacy Network ESL program designed to tutor adult learners one-on-one in a classroom setting where childcare and additional tutor support are available. No experience or foreign language skills required! Childcare for both tutors and learners is also available. Contact Shawn at 608-244-3911 or

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