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Sunday, 17 February 2013 | Kiosk Collective

Today in 1971: Legislation is introduced in both houses of Congress to forbid U.S. military support of any South Vietnamese invasion of North Vietnam without prior congressional approval. This bill is a result of the controversy that arose following the invasion of Laos by South Vietnamese forces.

On February 8, the Army of the Republic of Vietnam had launched a major cross-border operation into Laos to interdict activity along the Ho Chi Minh Trail and destroy the North Vietnamese supply dumps in the area. The Ho Chi Minh Trail, named for the leader of North Vietnam, was an informal network of jungle trails down which supplies came from the north, supplying insurgents and troops in the south.

It’s today’s Action Calendar!

Tonight is the first part of a four-part Bicycling Workshop Series featuring expert panelists from the Madison biking community. Learn about why you should commute, gear, safety, and more. The topic tonight is “Why Commute?” This is at 6pm at Redamte Coffee House, 449 State Street. Visit for more info or to register.

“Union Administration,” by the internationally-recognized School for Workers, is a 3-day comprehensive course, March 4th through the 6th, on the UW-Madison campus. School for Workers would like to further support unions’ efforts to train leaders by giving free tuition to the fourth union member from a local after three are signed up. More info and registration is online at or call the School at 608-262-2112.

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