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Sunday, 11 November 2012 | Kiosk Collective

Today in 1969: In an effort to undercut growing opposition to a draft made necessary by the Vietnam War, Congress passed a law requiring random selection of draftees through a lottery.


The Selective Service System would call up young men based upon their birthday, first with 19-year-olds and those with expired college deferments.

It’s today‚Äôs Action Calendar!

Tonight there will be a Madison Infoshop Collective Meeting. Find out what is up with your friendly activist resource center and how you can get involved. This will be at 6:30 pm at Rainbow Bookstore, 426 West Gilman. More info at 262-9036 or visit

The Wheelchair Recycling Program offers low cost, refurbished mobility and medical equipment to people that may not have the resources to obtain them new. This can include wheelchairs, walkers, bath items, grab bars and other assistive equipment for purchase. There are offices in Madison and the Greater-Milwaukee area. Contact or 243-1785 for details.

Evening Meals on Wheels needs volunteers to deliver hot, nutritious low-cost meals to older and differently abled people. Locations are flexible and the time commitment is about one hour per shift. For details call 276-7598.
Community Literacy is a Literacy Network ESL program designed to tutor adult learners one-on-one in a classroom setting where childcare and additional tutor support are available. No experience or foreign language skills required! Childcare for both tutors and learners is also available. Contact Shawn at 244-3911 or


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