Monday, November 26 — Packer Mania!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012 | Access Hour

Gary Hoffman presents Packer Maniac music and history from past to present, including Packer guard Aaron Taylor singing on the original CD recorded in Nashville. Highlights: hanging out with Brett Farve after a game and samples of an album of originals and parodies starting after the 1996 Super Bowl, plus talking about all the steps taken to get set up as a LLC, artwork, airplay, working as a vendor with major retailers, and the agony of losing the 1997 season to the Denver Broncos.

The Access Hour
The Access Hour
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WORT turns its airwaves over to members of the community. The show opens up radio production to people that have typically not been on the air before. The show is completely different from one week to the next. Guests have included community groups, musicians, aspiring DJs, story-tellers, call-in discussions, radio plays, live bands, fans of niche music, and lots of other topics.

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