Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday, 23 September 2012 | Kiosk Collective

The history of October 1st. Today in 1854: the California Supreme Court’s People v. Hall decision approves official anti-Chinese racism. A year ago, George Hall and two others were tried for murdering Ling Sing. One white and three Chinese people testified for the prosecution. After a guilty verdict, Hall was sentenced to hang. Hall’s lawyer then appealed, arguing that the Chinese witnesses should not have been permitted to testify.

A California statute provides that (quote) “No black or mulatto person, or Indian, shall be permitted to give evidence in favor of, or against, any white person.” Today’s ruling reverses Halls conviction, declaring that the words Indian, Negro, Black, and white are (quote) “generic terms, designating races. Therefore, the court reasons, Chinese and other people not white cannot testify against whites.”

It’s today’s Action Calendar!

Socrates Cafe, an informal philosophy discussion group, meets Monday nights. Tonight’s topic question is “Does it Matter Who We Send to the White House?” This is at Redamte Coffee House, 449 State Street, at 7pm.

Tonight on the Access Hour, Carel Casey presents Fire and Love, a local Madison 4-piece Indie rock band, who will play all original songs live. Fire and Love has their own sound which could be described as Indie Rock tinged with grunge, punk, and pop. This is tonight at 7pm right here on WORT, 89.9fm.

The Insurgent Radio Kiosk welcomes listener commentaries on subjects of interest to the W.O.R.T. listening community. Commentaries are limited to two minutes. Interested people who wish to do a Kiosk commentary may call the station at 256-2001 and leave a message for the Kiosk.

Wisconsin Books to Prisoners is a non-profit organization sponsored by “Rainbow bookstore” that sends books to prisoners in Wisconsin and other states. They believe that quote “books are tools for learning and can open minds to new ideas and fresh possibilities.” They accept donations. Stop by the bookstore at 426 West Gilman Street or call 257-6050 for details.

The Respite Center is a safe place for kids, ages birth to fourteen, whose families are under stress or in crisis. They are looking for volunteers to play with kids four hours a week. Training is required. Call 244-5730 for details.

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