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9:54 am Cappella Clausura: 'Per Voi, Lasso, Conviene' 8/24/2014
9:52 am Cappella Clausura: 'O Dolc'anima Mia' 8/24/2014
9:47 am Folger Consort: 'La Bounette' 8/24/2014
9:46 am Folger Consort: 'La Doune Celle' 8/24/2014
9:45 am Folger Consort: 'Basse Dance Tune: Polyphony On the Tune' 8/24/2014
9:44 am Folger Consort: 'Basse Dance Tune: Reprise of the Tune' 8/24/2014
9:43 am Folger Consort: 'Basse Dance Tune: Pas de Brabant (Improvised)' 8/24/2014
9:42 am Folger Consort: 'Basse Dance Tune: Divisions On the Tune' 8/24/2014
9:41 am Folger Consort: 'Basse Dance Tune: The Tune' 8/24/2014
9:39 am Folger Consort: 'Newcastle' 8/24/2014
9:39 am Folger Consort: 'Nonesuch' 8/24/2014
9:29 am Pallade Musica: '18 Trio Sonatas, Op. 2: No. 7, Sonata a 2, "La donata"' 8/24/2014
9:23 am Pallade Musica: 'La Fugazza, Book 3, Op. 8: No. 5, Sonata a 2, "La Galini"' 8/24/2014
9:07 am The Monteverdi Choir cond. John Eliot Gardiner: 'Vadam et circuibo' 8/24/2014
9:03 am Peter Phillips & The Tallis Scholars: 'Versa Est In Luctum' 8/24/2014
9:01 am Il Convitto Armonico & Stefano Buschini: 'Gaudent in coelis animae Sanctorum' 8/24/2014
8:59 am Lionheart: 'Ave Maria a 4' 8/24/2014
8:45 am Frans Brüggen: 'Recorder Sonata in F Minor, TWV 41, F. 1' 8/24/2014
8:37 am Pallade Musica: 'Canzoni da suonare, Book 4, Op. 17: Canzon decima prima, "La Miradoro"' 8/24/2014
8:31 am Paul Van Nevel & Huelgas Ensemble: 'O mille volte' 8/24/2014
8:29 am Pomerium: 'Crudele Acerba' 8/24/2014
8:24 am HILLIARD ENSEMBLE: 'Se la mia vita' 8/24/2014
8:22 am Consort Of Musicke: 'Cantate ninfe' 8/24/2014
8:17 am A Sei Voci: 'Martin menoit son porceau (Instrumental)' 8/24/2014
8:16 am A Sei Voci: 'Martin menoit son porceau' 8/24/2014
8:14 am A Sei Voci: 'Tourdion "C'est grand plaisir"' 8/24/2014
8:13 am A Sei Voci: 'Une nonnain fort belle' 8/24/2014
8:06 am Liber: 'Un Bel Girfalco' 8/24/2014
8:04 am Liber: 'Tosto Che L'alba' 8/24/2014
8:00 am Liber: 'Per Seguir La Sperança' 8/24/2014

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August 7, 2014 Playlist for “Anything Goes” with Rich Samuels

07/31/14 6:49 PM | Rich Samuels

5:09 am: Pastorale d’été by Arthur Honegger performed by the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra conducted by Andrew Sewell 5:18 am: La folia barocca performs the Sonata in G Minor for violin and continuo Op. 3 No. 7 by Antonio Veracini 5:25 am: Sonata in G Minor Op. 8 No. 1 by Muzio Clementi performed by pianist Ian Hominick 5:40 am: Elizabeth Buck (flute) and Andrea Thiele (harp) perform Before the Solstice for Flute and Harp by David S. Lefkowitz. 5:52 am: Two Scenes with Skylark for Chorus and Recorded by Peter Bruun performed by Michala Petri an the Danish National Vocal Ensemble directed by Stephen Layton 6:08 am: The Choral Arts Society of Portland Maine and the Prometheus Chamber Players conducted ….

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Madison Area Classical Calendar for the Week Beginning July 31

07/29/14 10:11 PM | Rich Samuels

Thursday July 31 7 pm at the Waunakee High School Performing Arts Center 301 Community Drive, Waunakee. The Waunakee Community Band in concert Thursday July 31 7 pm at Rennebohm Park, 115 North Eau Claire Avenue, Madison The Capitol City Band presents an evening concert, Thursday July 31 7:30 pm at UW Music Hall, 925 Bascom Mall, Madison (repeated at 7:30 pm on 8/1 and 8/2 and at 3 pm on 8/3). The Madison Savoyards present Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Princess Ida” Friday August 1 7:30 pm at Christ Presbyterian Church 914 E. Gorham, Madison (repeated on 8/3 at 3 pm at Covenant Presbyterian Church 926 South Segoe Road, Madison_ The Isthmus Vocal Ensemble When conductor Scott MacPherson convened some of ….

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Savoyards’ “Princess Ida” to rule the air Thursday morning

07/22/14 8:05 PM | Sybil Augustine

Portrait-Harville-819x1024 Savoyards musical director Grant Harville joins Rich Samuels on “Anything Goes” this Thursday, July 24th from 5-8 am to preview this year’s production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Princess Ida”.

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Show tickets available as pledge premiums!

06/6/14 7:02 PM | Sybil Augustine

fun in the radio sun Here’s a list of some tickets to upcoming shows that you can get as thank-you gifts for your call-in pledge to WORT!!! [Note that availability depends on which show you pledge to and when.] Call (608) 256-2001 or toll free 866-899-WORT.

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