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3:46 am Alvin Curran: 'Songs and Views from the Magnetic Garden: Songs and Views from the Magnetic Garden: II.' 8/25/2014
3:23 am Maurizio Bianchi: 'Maidanek Bakterium' 8/25/2014
3:09 am Günter Schickert: 'PULS' 8/25/2014
2:38 am Musica Elettronica Viva: 'SpaceCraft' 8/25/2014
2:17 am 16 Bitch Pile-Up: 'A' 8/25/2014
2:09 am Alastair Galbraith: 'Koterana' 8/25/2014
2:05 am Michael Flower: 'Antlers and Whiskers' 8/25/2014
1:38 am Nocturnal Emissions: 'Abo or Ubo' 8/25/2014
1:25 am SACHIKO: 'Cosmic Garden' 8/25/2014
1:13 am Nijiumu: 'Untitled 3' 8/25/2014
1:01 am Zoviet France: 'pyroclastic flow' 8/25/2014
3:38 am Rhys Chatham: 'An Angel Moves Too Fast To See' 8/18/2014
3:35 am Alan Licht: 'Domesticity' 8/18/2014
3:18 am George Lewis: 'Side B' 8/18/2014
3:03 am George Lewis, Muhal Richard Abrams & Roscoe Mitchell: 'Bound' 8/18/2014
2:57 am Merzbow: 'Slave New Desart' 8/18/2014
2:53 am Ramleh: 'Emaciator' 8/18/2014
2:50 am Gerritt: 'Vapor Wakes' 8/18/2014
2:37 am Daniel Menche: 'caressing the scream' 8/18/2014
2:16 am Zaimph: '2' 8/18/2014
2:10 am Roan Linden: 'Reality Test' 8/18/2014
2:05 am The Skull Defekts: 'Pattern of Thoughts (feat. Daniel Higgs)' 8/18/2014
2:04 am Ono: 'OxBlood' 8/18/2014
1:21 am Swans: 'Bring The Sun/Toussaint L'Ouverture' 8/18/2014
1:16 am Ghost: 'Sun Is Tangging' 8/18/2014
1:06 am Ghost: 'Grisaille' 8/18/2014
1:00 am Ghost: 'Dominoes (Celebration for the Gray Days)' 8/18/2014

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Live on King Street announces final headliner

07/21/14 8:01 PM | Sybil Augustine

h and h small The Majestic Theatre’s 4th annual Live on King Street lineup is complete! The fifth and final evening on September 19 will end with The Head and the Heart. This free, all ages event finishes out the summer series of similar shows featuring Cracker (July 25), Ziggy Marley (August 8) and Deer Tick (August 22).

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Show tickets available as pledge premiums!

06/6/14 7:02 PM | Sybil Augustine

fun in the radio sun Here’s a list of some tickets to upcoming shows that you can get as thank-you gifts for your call-in pledge to WORT!!! [Note that availability depends on which show you pledge to and when.] Call (608) 256-2001 or toll free 866-899-WORT.

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Acid Mothers Temple Special

05/10/14 9:27 PM | Kelsey

amt In anticipation of Acid Mothers Temple’s return to the Frequency May 17, this week’s In One End will be dedicated to exploring the band’s vast back catalog and various side projects.

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