Music FAQ

Music Department contact information

Our mailing address is:
118 S. Bedford Street
Madison, WI 53703-2692

Phone: (608) 256-2001
Fax: (608) 256-3704

Music Director Sybil Augustine can be emailed at musicdirector(at)

All about WORT’s music

All of WORT’s music programs are produced at the station by local DJs who are volunteers from the community.

The weekday music schedule includes:
Classical – 5-8am
Folk & International – 9-12pm
Jazz – 2-5pm (except Fridays, Rock 2-4:30pm)
Rock, techno, metal, etc. – 8pm-5am
Blues – Fridays 6-8pm, Sat 8-10pm
The weekend music lineup includes many different genres. Saturdays are divided up into two hour shows, beginning with music from Mexico at 6 am. At 8:00, WORT airs classic R&B, then vintage jazz and swing, followed by an afternoon of tropical rhythms including reggae, music from all around Africa, salsa and Latin jazz. At 6 pm the gears shift to rock ‘n’ roll oldies, transitioning to blues and soul, and then hip-hop at midnight. Sunday’s music has even more variety, including medieval and renaissance music in the morning, women’s music in the early afternoon, an hour of show tunes and then world music and news. Kids’ programming airs at 6:30 pm and is followed by the gospel show, and after 9 pm we provide a mix of electronic, experimental, and avant garde music through the night.

Music Charts

Unless it’s a pledge drive or the week of a conference, Music Director Sybil Augustine updates the charts every Tuesday. Find a link to the charts here.

Music Submissions

How do I get my music played on WORT?

We accept submissions of most genres of music, focusing on noncommercial, out-of-the-mainstream, independent releases (look at our charts for more information.) In most cases it takes a few weeks for us to receive, review, and process them. We accept CDs, vinyl and electronic submissions but we still prefer CDS to MP3s until our digital library space is expanded and organized, so sending music digitally is currently not the best way to get it into the hands of our programmers and onto the airwaves. Please send us your releases (full-length CD or vinyl preferred) including a one-sheet description, plus bio and tour information if applicable, care of the WORT Music Director at 118 South Bedford St, Madison, WI 53703-2626.

You can track your music by email, or call on Wednesdays between 1-4 pm central time with questions such as: Did we receive it, has it been reviewed, has it been added to our library, what kind of airplay is it getting?—e.g. light, medium, heavy or charting. Thanks and we look forward to hearing your music!

Concert Recordings

I was wondering if anyone taped the WORT sponsored concert I saw? It was a tremendous show and I would love to have it captured to relive.

For WORT “Welcomes” or promotional exchanges, our “sponsorship” is of a purely promotional nature, and taping, broadcast or distribution of any shows have to be cleared through the artist’s record label. Unfortunately, we usually don’t have the authorization nor the technical capability to record concerts. It’s also illegal for us to broadcast or distribute live recordings without permission from the artists. We’re glad you enjoyed the show and WORT is the place to find out when your favorite artists are returning to town.

What was that song I heard?

Who was the artist, what is the album title, where can I get it?

To get information about music you heard on WORT, for most shows you can just check our web site during the program to see if their playlist is being posted in real time. If you can’t go online at that time you can check our website later, or call WORT’s studio line at 608-256-2001 while the program’s on and ask the host yourself. If you can’t check at the time and you’re not sure when the music was on, we may be able to help you but please have as much information as possible at hand when you inquire, including the day and time the music was played; the type or genre of music; who hosted the show. and any other information you remember about the selection. A few people have an email list just for their show; ask your favorite host if they can add you to the list.

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