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7:42 pm Dave Edmunds: 'Bad Is Bad' 4/12/2014
7:39 pm Dave Edmunds With The Refreshments: 'Let It Rock' 4/12/2014
7:36 pm Dave Edmunds And The Refreshments: 'Sweet Little Rock'N'Roller' 4/12/2014
7:33 pm Rockpile: 'You Ain't Nothin' But Fine' 4/12/2014
7:30 pm Dave Edmunds: 'I Knew the Bride' 4/12/2014
7:27 pm Dave Edmunds: 'Get Out Of Denver' 4/12/2014
7:24 pm Dion: 'Drive All Night' 4/12/2014
7:21 pm Dave Edmunds: 'Deep In The Heart Of Texas' 4/12/2014
7:18 pm Dave Edmunds: 'Home In My Hand' 4/12/2014
7:15 pm Dave Edmunds: 'SLIPPING AWAY' 4/12/2014
7:12 pm Dave Edmunds: 'Do You Wanna Dance' 4/12/2014
7:09 pm Dave Edmunds: 'From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)' 4/12/2014
7:06 pm Dave Edmunds: 'Let's Talk About Us' 4/12/2014
7:03 pm Dave Edmunds: 'Crawling From The Wreckage' 4/12/2014
7:00 pm Dave Edmunds: 'Juju Man' 4/12/2014
6:57 pm Dave Edmunds: 'King Of Love' 4/12/2014
6:54 pm Dave Edmunds With The Refreshments: 'The Wanderer' 4/12/2014
6:51 pm Dave Edmunds With The Refreshments: 'Lady Madonna' 4/12/2014
6:48 pm Dave Edmunds: 'Girls Talk' 4/12/2014
6:46 pm Dave Edmunds: 'HERE COMES THE WEEKEND' 4/12/2014
6:43 pm Dave Edmunds: 'Stay With Me Tonight' 4/12/2014
6:40 pm Dave Edmunds: 'Sincerly' 4/12/2014
6:37 pm Dave Edmunds: 'DEBORAH' 4/12/2014
6:34 pm Dave Edmunds With The Refreshments: 'Sabre Dance' 4/12/2014
6:31 pm Dave Edmunds: 'Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over Love)' 4/12/2014
6:28 pm Dave Edmunds With The Stray Cats: 'The Race Is On' 4/12/2014
6:25 pm Dave Edmunds: 'Hey Good Lookin'' 4/12/2014
6:22 pm Dave Edmunds And Carlene Carter: 'Baby Ride Easy' 4/12/2014
6:19 pm The Stray Cats: 'Gene And Eddie' 4/12/2014
6:16 pm Dave Edmunds: 'Git It' 4/12/2014

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Now’s the time to VOTE WORT!!!

03/27/13 8:06 PM | Sybil Augustine

mamas_logo WORT Radio is up for a MAMA award again this year, and several of our DJs and staff have also made it to the final round in the MAMAs. Check out www.themamas.org and see if any of your favorite radio, industry, or musician people are nominated. Online voting is open until May 17th. The MAMAS [Madison Area Music Awards] were created to honor Madison area musicians and supporters and we’re always nominated [and so far, have always won] for Favorite Radio Station. Not only have we made it to the final voting round again, but in addition, a couple of our hosts are still in the running for Local Music Radio Personality: Bill Malone of Back To The Country, and Rockin’ John of I Like It Like That. Also, DJ The Real Jaguar is a nominee for Favorite DJ [for spinning in clubs], and WORT Music Director Sybil Augustine is competing with 3 others to be named Local Music Fan of the Year!!  [I really think Madison's music scene is quite fantastic right now, and I do champion it every chance I get.--Sybil] Also, the CD of protest music that came out last year entitled Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising is up for Best Compilation Album along with some of the individual songs nominated in various categories. If you want to see what the MAMA’s website looks like, check it out at www.themamas.org and you can vote now for a mere $5 donation, which goes to support bringing musical instruments into area middle and high schools. Register and vote at http://www.broadjam.com/mama/ through May 17. Thanks SO MUCH for your continued support, WORT fans!!

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Special On January 19th.

01/16/13 4:27 PM | Rockin' John

I’ll be doing the first special of the year on “I Like It Like That”. I’m calling it “Bomp And Circumstance” I’ll be featuring two hours of songs with unusual titles and lyrics. Lots of doo wop and other interesting things. Give it a listen! It should be fun!

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Article In Examiner

12/29/12 5:22 PM | Rockin' John

There’s an article about my program in the “Examiner”. It’s a news site based out of New York City. It was written by Jim Bessman. He said some nice things about the show. Go to examiner.com and you should be able to find it. Hard to believe that tonight’s program is the last one of 2012! The year went by fast!

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Larry Tamblyn From The Standells On Tonight’s Program

12/8/12 5:29 PM | Rockin' John

I and my guests Joanie Baker and Gary Feest will be interviewing Larry Tamblyn from The Standells on tonight’s program. They had a classic record “Dirty Water” back in 1966. The Standells influenced a lot of punk bands. Tune in tonight. It should be fun!

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Pledge Drive Tonight!

10/13/12 5:00 PM | Rockin' John

Don’t forget to call in a pledge during WORT”S Fall Pledge Drive. I’ll be on the air with guest Harry Rag on tonight’s edition of “I Like It Like That”. If the phones are busy, I play a lot more music!! Tune in and help WORT stay on the airwaves!!

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Pledge Drive

10/6/12 8:55 PM | Rockin' John

Don’t forget to pledge during the upcoming WORT pledge drive. If you want the hits to keep on comin’, call in a pledge between Oct. 7th and Oct. 20th. We’ll appreciate it and you’ll feel good about it!!

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Facebook Petition

10/1/12 5:37 PM | Rockin' John

I’ve posted a petition on my facebook page. Mike Love has “fired” Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and David Marks from any further touring with The Beach Boys. I think this sucks!! If you feel the same way, go to my facebook page and sign the petition!! If you do a search for Rockin’ John Mc Donald on facebook. you should get to my page!

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This Week’s Program

10/1/12 5:27 PM | Rockin' John

I’m doing experiments with the new WORT website. This may have popped up somewhere else but I’m posting it again. This week’s program is “Wide Open”. I’m not sure what I’m playing. I’ve gotten a couple of ideas from my facebook friends. It’s fun getting listener response from the “Web”!

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Tonight’s Program!

09/29/12 3:16 PM | Rockin' John

Just a reminder that I’m playing songs with “Wild” in the title on tonight’s program! I’ve got about 20 of them scattered throughout the mix. Tune in! You’ll be “Wild” about the show!

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Don’ Read This!

09/29/12 2:43 PM | Rockin' John

I’ m testing my new blog post!

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