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1:56 am Melting Ashes: 'DELIRIOUS' 4/16/2014
1:51 am The Kits: 'AUTOMATIC' 4/16/2014
1:47 am The Soulshake Express: 'High And Dry' 4/16/2014
1:42 am Kryptonics: 'Astrid' 4/16/2014
1:38 am The Electric Banana: 'Street Girl' 4/16/2014
1:34 am The Lords of Altamont: 'Save Me (From Myself)' 4/16/2014
1:32 am The Count Bishops: 'I NEED YOU' 4/16/2014
1:27 am The Norvins: 'Destination Lonely' 4/16/2014
1:24 am The Others: 'Why Can't She Be Mine' 4/16/2014
1:22 am The Blizzards: 'Grausame Stadt' 4/16/2014
1:19 am The La De Das: 'Don't You Stand In My Way' 4/16/2014
1:16 am Mitch Mahon & The Editions: 'You Got What I Need' 4/16/2014
1:13 am The Malarians: 'Once Upon a Time (In Your Mind)' 4/16/2014
1:08 am Thee Psycho-Delmatics: 'Thrill Killers' 4/16/2014
1:06 am Thee Vicars: 'Straight Home' 4/16/2014
1:02 am Los Magnificos: 'Traicionera' 4/16/2014
12:59 am THE VINYL STITCHES: 'Been Down So Long' 4/16/2014
12:57 am Memphis Morticians: 'Primitive Trashman' 4/16/2014
12:53 am The Primates: 'The Creep' 4/16/2014
12:51 am 69 Charger: 'No Luck At All' 4/16/2014
12:45 am Modern Mod: 'Papercuts' 4/16/2014
12:43 am The Soulphonics: 'I Ain't No Miracle Worker' 4/16/2014
12:40 am The Chevelles: 'Run And Hide' 4/16/2014
12:37 am The Go Wows: 'City Of Angels' 4/16/2014
12:34 am Palmyra Delran: 'You're Losing Me' 4/16/2014
12:32 am Augusto Righetti: 'Un amore nuovo' 4/16/2014
12:29 am Los Picamato: 'Esta Noche' 4/16/2014
12:24 am JJ & The Real Jerks: 'Damaged Goods' 4/16/2014
12:23 am The Cute Lepers: 'All This Attention Is Killing Me' 4/16/2014
12:20 am The Lambrettas: 'Can You Feel The Beat' 4/16/2014

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Some of the artists we love to play: Them!, The Stems, Thin Lizzy, Radio Birdman, The Sonics, Les Breastfeeders, The Love Me Nots, The Cynics, The Electric Mess, The Above, Paul Collins Beat, The Sick Rose, Lana Loveland, Thunderbolt Patterson, The Woggles, Persian Claws, The Parents, Los Tentakills, Mick Medew & the Rumours, The Ruiners, Boss Mustangs, Black Hollies, The Dirty Shames, The Neutron Drivers, The Molting Vultures, Green Circles, Les Sans Culottes, The Brimstones, Reverend Beat-Man, Black Saxons, The TexReys, Los Chicos, The Pretty Face, Sun Dial, Soulshake Express and more!

Submissions from bands are always welcome! All of us here at WORT love new music. If you think your band would delight the listenership of the LPL, please send info and music to: WORT 89.9 FM, 118 S. Bedford St., Madison, WI 53703, USA attention: Jenni/Leopard Print Lounge.

LATE NIGHT ROCK-N-ROLL….it’s what caffeine is for!

WORT DJs spin live on Willy St. Sunday

09/20/13 1:54 PM | Sybil Augustine

record store day Our Underground Stage on Sept. 22 also features several WORT radio hosts spinning music before, between and after the bands. Kicking it off at 11:30 am is Cardinal Din, host of “Feed Me Weird Things” late night Saturdays, until Oedipus Tex takes the stage at noon. He’ll be followed by The Real Jaguar of Friday afternoon’s “Who Cooks For You?” bringing you music before a set by Cowboy Winter; then “Global Revolutions” will commence as Monday morning world fusion host Martin Alvarado selects the beats leading up to the ska-punk of 4 Aspiring Morning. After 4AM kicks it into high gear, DJ El Serpentine’s “Rattlesnake Shake” as heard here some Friday evenings follows, leading into Dick the Bruiser. Between DTB and Venus In Furs you’ll hear the sounds of “Kosmic Radiation” brought to you by Dave 3000 of late night Thursdays fame, and then we’ll slink into the “Leopard Print Lounge,” usually only open Tuesday nights at 11 pm, where your hostess Jenni will rock you up till White Mystery takes the stage for the final set of the day. She’ll also be spinning a “cool down” set if time permits. Check out all these shows in our online archives, and don’t be shy about coming up to say Hello and give kudos to your favorite rock DJs at our stage in the 800 block of Williamson Street at the far west end of the fair. You’ll also find our tent with a huge blowout sale of used and new CDs in all genres, all to be had for just a song….it’s the last sale of the season, so come and take a chance on some new music at bargain prices, and we really hope you enjoy all the entertainment at this year’s Fair!!

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Leopard Print Lounge
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Dedicated to playing you all the best in modern & classic international garage rock, garage punk, FUZZ, freakbeat, Northern Soul, R&B, rockabilly, psych, FUZZ, power pop, and 50s & 6Ts. We call it "primitive rock-n-roll," and especially like to focus on lesser-known, independent or unsigned acts from around the world. From mod to Ted, Mersey to Medway, 6Ts to the Space Age, it's all happening here on Tuesday nights!
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