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3:10 am Focus: 'HOCUS POCUS (live)' 4/25/2014
3:05 am Patrick Moraz: 'Kabala' 4/25/2014
3:01 am Prism: 'Spaceship Superstar' 4/25/2014
2:47 am AL KOOPER/ MIKE BLOOMFIELD: 'Her Holy Modal Highness (live)' 4/25/2014
2:41 am Eric Burdon And The Animals: 'The Black Plague' 4/25/2014
2:33 am Eric Burdon And The Animals: 'Poem By The Sea / Paint It Black' 4/25/2014
2:20 am Eric Burdon And The Animals: 'Man-Woman' 4/25/2014
2:14 am Lighthouse: 'Love Of A Woman' 4/25/2014
2:10 am Stephen Stills: 'THE LONER' 4/25/2014
2:06 am Canned Heat: 'That'S All Right' 4/25/2014
2:02 am Suzi Quatro: 'HIT THE ROAD JACK' 4/25/2014
1:57 am Iggy Pop & The Elegant Too: 'The Dreadnought' 4/25/2014
1:53 am Iggy Pop w/A Hawk and A Hacksaw: 'Asshole Rules The Navy' 4/25/2014
1:48 am Iggy Pop: 'Squarehead' 4/25/2014
1:44 am Iggy Pop and Yoko Ono: 'Waiting for the D Train' 4/25/2014
1:41 am James Williamson and Carolyn Wonderland: 'Gimme Some Skin' 4/25/2014
1:36 am Iggy And The Stooges: 'Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell' 4/25/2014
1:31 am The Pogues with Joe Strummer: 'Turkish Song of the Damned' 4/25/2014
1:25 am Don Van Vliet and The Magic Band: 'Human Totem Pole' 4/25/2014
1:17 am Die Kreuzen: 'In School' 4/25/2014
1:14 am Mudhoney: 'The Only Son of the Widow from Nain' 4/25/2014
1:07 am Devo: 'Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA' 4/25/2014
1:04 am Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: 'She's On It/Jack The Ripper' 4/25/2014
12:54 am James Brown: 'I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me)/Mother Popcorn' 4/25/2014
12:46 am James Brown: 'I Can't Stand It "76"' 4/25/2014
12:36 am Jimi Tenor: 'Total Devastation' 4/25/2014
12:34 am Bruce Haack: 'National Anthem to the Moon' 4/25/2014
12:30 am The Beatnigs: '(Instructions) When You Wake Up In the Morning' 4/25/2014
12:26 am Shawn Lee: 'Boogie Children (Saturn Day Night)' 4/25/2014
12:23 am T.Rex: 'PLANET QUEEN' 4/25/2014

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Rock en Espanol
Rock en Espanol
Wednesdays @ 11:00 pm
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Latin and Iberian rock, ska and hip hop.
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